At 8:21 AM -0500 3/10/00, Pam Lefkowitz wrote:
>Now, here's the problem. For the past few days my clients are seen just
>fine when I manually check them. However, when I sit down at my computer
>in the morning I see that my Windows client is getting a -1028 error
>during the scripted backup. As soon as I see this, I launch Retrospect
>and do a run script and all goes swimmingly. Now, the Windows box isn't
>touched from the time I manually check it in the evening to the time I
>re-run the script in the morning. This worked just fine until recently.
>Nothing in my setup has changed at all except that I've put an Ecrix
>drive into the mix. But I can't see any reason why a new backup device
>would impact the client's ability to be seen during an unattended script.
>This only happens on the Windows client and it only happens on the
>unattended backup and there are no other errors. Manually checking it or
>doing an immediate run script are just fine.

I can't offer much by way of explanation, but I have a Win95 
workgroup fileserver that has this problem, unlike the 8 similar PCs 
(similar bar the filesharing) being backed up. I found a way to 
bypass the -1028: I defined a sub-volume on the same machine of a 
directory with one small file; the sub-volume is in the backup list 
immediately prior to the whole PC. Most of the time the sub-volume 
collects the -1028 error and the PC backs up. The only other similar 
PC error I had seen was caused by a screen-saver or energy saver 
setting; this gave me the idea of a wake-up prod. My backup is done 
via a Mac.

I hope this helps.
Regards, Paul Fyfe

         Paul Fyfe <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>  Melbourne, Australia

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