what's the suggested route when not using FM Server? I use a standard copy of 
FileMaker sitting on my ASIP server to run a set of database files which five or so 
users make use of. Should I be tinkering with Applescripts or somesuch to close the 
database files prior to back up?

>Subject: Re: retrospect and filemaker
>From: "Todd Williams" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>Date: Tue, 3 Oct 2000 14:55:32 -0700
>That's the only way to do it correctly.
>>At 12:14 PM -0700 3/10/00, Todd Reed wrote:
>>>I figure that if I have 'verify' turned on, and the log doesn't
>>>indicate a problem that the database files are getting backed up
>>>okay. Is this the experience of the list, or should I be practicing
>>>preventive paranoia?
>>FileMaker Server keeps a lot of data in a RAM cache. Even if the
>>database is backed up by Retrospect without errors, I am not sure
>>that guarantees that the file will be in a known good state.
>>I recommend preventive paranoia, have FileMaker perform database
>>copies using its internal scheduling, and use Retrospect to backup
>>the copies.
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