I've been examining the backups I'm doing with open Filemaker Pro 
databases. I guess the party line from Dantz is that it's a bad thing 
to back up open database files.

On our backup LAN, we back up a Filemaker server using the remote 
client control panel (on a Mac) and the files get backed up without 
On another network I manage, the backup server has open filemaker 
databases and they back up normally as well.
On a third network, the Filemaker server gets backed up using 
personal file sharing. These files always fail to back up with 
errors. On this machine, the Filemaker server copies its files to 
another directory nightly, and the copies get backed up no problem at 
backup time.

I figure that if I have 'verify' turned on, and the log doesn't 
indicate a problem that the database files are getting backed up 
okay. Is this the experience of the list, or should I be practicing 
preventive paranoia?

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