I am in the process of setting up Retrospect 5.1 for backing up a SAP 
R/3 server. R/3 and the associated DB2 server are brought down by an 
external script and brought up again after the RS backup script has 

The Monday backup script ran just fine. Tuesday's backup, now, was 
different: Retrospect started the Tuesday script at 22h00 (I got mail 
from the external script that shut down R/3), then the log says 
"Copying NT (C:)", and that was it until 08h00 when the script was 
terminated as specified.

No error message, no indication of anything missing or broken. As the 
server in question is not exactly a toy, I find this silent denial of 
service rather disquieting.

Has anybody else seen anything like this from Retrospect when 
accessing a local disk?


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