Hi All,
I've got a PowerPC G3 (beige, 300 mhz, 1MB cache, 64MB, 6GB HD 24x cd/zip)
running Retrospect 4.3 (it came with the package) attached with a 64pin LVD
SCSI  to a VXA Auto Pak library w/ v17 tapes.

My dilema is that retrospect can't see the media.  I've been in contact with
Ecrix and they said that I needed the ADK, but according to the person
who purchased the Autopak, we evidently don't need it.  So I was wondering
if it was a Retrospect problem.  The odd thing is that it can see the drive,
but not the media.

If anyone has any ideas on how to sort this out, please email me privately.

Many thanks in advance,

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