Got me again!

Installed the 5.1.5 update today ... all my backups failed tonight with
insufficient privilege.  :-(

I'm just watching the opening of the games on the idiot box and the email
messages started rolling in ...

    Script "Qube - Backup Vol Common" finished with errors.
    Error code "-1017" "insufficient permissions".

I've seen this before ... installed Restrospect 5.1 Updated and the
Retrospect Launcher forgot the account and password to use.  Hence it can't
backup my SAMBA shares.

Is there a technical reason why the Retrospect Launcher services forgets the
account and password to use when the updater does its thing?

Was this a known issue which was documented in the release notes which I
should have read?

Ah ... fix it tomorrow.

Cheers,  Malcolm

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