>What are you talking about?? Do you want Retrospect, the back-up company,
>to log *every single move* on all backed up computers and save that in an
>unlimited log so you can see what you (or anyone) did "over the past years"??

mmm. . . I think you've misunderstood me. All I'm wanting is an 
indication that a set is incomplete either when I choose it from the 
list of backup sets (by perhaps a broken icon or whatever) or when 
the results of a restore are presented ie an alert saying "Not all 
the possible files are included in this restore, as one or more 
members of the set are missing". At the moment the only way you can 
find out whether a set is incomplete is going into the individual set 
and clicking on "Members" (I think).

Owen Watson
at home in Wellington, New Zealand

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