>What I'd suggest that if someone is restoring, 
>there should be a few alerts (or at least a couple of <BLINK> type 
>messages) that it could be incomplete. Also, it would be useful if it 
>could be indicated in the backup set list some sort of incomplete 
>icon for a missing set, plus a text message.


I understand your frustration here but it seems that you're asking 
software developers to include notifications or "backdoors" or whatever 
you want to call it to cover every possible situation that a user might 
run in to. Plainly put, you're asking that this developer put in a 
"feature" that will tell you if someone's been tinkering around in your 

Frankly, that's what security software is for. In fact, Retrospect 
already has a security feature for access to backup sets so that 
co-tinkering can be avoided. Developers cannot possibly be held 
accountable for multiple admins/users/tinkerers working on one computer. 
Maybe that other person was trying to help you and when he/she couldn't 
find the needed tape, marked the member missing thinking they were doing 
the right thing (or maybe not, I dunno). 

I guess what I'm saying is that responsibility for what happens on my 
computer lies with me. If someone else is getting into my important files 
then it is my responsibility to secure the sytem from prying eyes or to 
train that person in my methods of 
backup/filing/restoring/working/whatever. It is not the responsibility of 
a company like Dantz to let me know that someone's been mucking around 
with my software. 

Sorry for the rant,


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