I just installed a VXA-1 drive on a G3 Mac for network backups, and am
seriously impressed by the speed of the thing. Some of the sources that were
backed up during my testing copied at speeds nearing 200MB/min! But, I'm
wondering about compares, because the compare speeds I've seen thus far in
my tests are only around half what the copy speed was on the same source. I
hate to complain, since even the slowest compares are twice the speed of my
previous configuration (DLT-2000 on a 10base-T 7100), but aren't compare
speeds usually faster than copy speeds?

System specs: Beige G3 desktop w/NewerTech G3-400 processor upgrade; ATTO
Express PCI UL2S; Ecrix VXA-1, v.2524; Retrospect 4.2.
Client: Apple Server G3 (beige tower, 266MHz); Adaptec PowerDomain 3940;
Micronet Genesis1 RAID, 53GB RAID-5; Mac OS 9.0.4; ASIP 6.3.1; Retrospect
Client 4.2.

I thought I remembered seeing this addressed some time ago, but does anyone
have any suggestions for things I can check on, I'd appreciate the input.
David G. Thornton
Graphics Systems Manager 
CCL Label, Sioux Falls, SD

"The Borg wouldn't know fun if they assimilated a carnival."
        B'Elanna Torres

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