OK. I am at about my wits end with this. Hopefully, somewhere here knows
of a solution. I have three machines (2 servers and 1 machine that backs
up my users) that all occasionally have this problem. Lately, the problem
has been getting worse. 

All of my backups are set to run at night. (actually all are set to run
after midnight except for 2 scripts on the backup server which start to
run at 6pm).

On many mornings, I will come in and find a dialog box on the server that
says "Do you really want to quit or stop backups" with a OK or resume
button. At this point, no backups have occured. If I click resume, backups
start (which can be a problem on the servers if they take long or I get in
late). If I click cancel, then no backups occur.

My machines (we will focus on the backup server) is running version 4.2a
retrospect software and is running on a blue and white g3. It has plenty
of memory and plenty of hard drive space. It is connected to a kvm switch
for monitors and keyboards. 

I have set the security preference to ask for a password. At some point, I
was told this would stop this behavior. It has not. 

This is not making much sense to me, because the only way that the dialog
box should come up is if someone hits a key on the keyboard or mouse.
Since no one is in the office, they can't be hitting the keyboard.

Please help.


PS. I have considered upgrading to 4.3 but since they don't discuss this
problem anywhere, I assume that it is a problem that I have been having
and not a version problem - or I could be wrong.


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