There's nothing special about a Windows 2000 client that would affect this.
Ensure that you are entering in the unique security code that you selected
when you installed the client. Note that the security code is
case-sensitive. If Retrospect still reports that the code is incorrect,
uninstall and reinstall the client software. If you have any other problems,
of course, you can always give Technical Support a call.


Irena Solomon
Dantz Development Corporation

Subject: can't log-in Win2K client?

I just installed Client 5.1 on a Win2K box for the first time.
The box shows up in the network clients list, but when I try to log in, it
prompts for a security code, and then gives me an error 507.
I know the security code is correct...before I uninstall and reinstall, is
there anything I need to know about Win2K installation?

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