Hi all,

    I've seen this problem and I'm not sure what's causing it.

    I use Retro 4.3 on the Mac and have Win 98 PCs with the 5.1.5 
client.  When I set them up *in Retrospect*, I gave them a name like 
"<hostname>@<room number>".  The PC itself is given the name 

    On some of the laptops, all of a sudden they stop responding to 
the "backup server" script.  When I got to the Clients and click on 
the user in question, I get the message to the effect that:

"<hostname>@<room number>" found:  renamed to "<hostname>".

    I've reset the name to the format I originally wanted, but then it 
happens again.

    What's causing this?  I've always assumed that if the "backup 
server" wasn't finding them, it meant they were "off" -- but now they 
aren't off -- they are just getting "renamed" and, as such, the 
script isn't finding them anymore.

    But I can guarantee the end user isn't renaming his client.

    Any thoughts on this?

- Steve

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