I've had good ideas and response from Ecrix, and we are working on 
the problem. I think that we'll work it out, one way or another. I 
have the utmost respect for Retrospect (dozens of my clients use it 
flawlessly (with many different backup mediums), and I believe that 
Ecrix is trying its best to bring new technology and products into 
the tape drive arena to provide good affordable solutions for small 
to mid-size business LANS.

I do think though, that with the VXA promotions, and the newness of 
the drives, that some of us are doing a bit of beta testing for them 
(and they have been very responsive in tech support). I hope that we 
can work all the bugs out, because after looking at many different 
technologies for backups, initial cost, media cost, techno 
improvements, etc. I still think that Ecrix has a hot product. It 
just needs to be tested out in a bunch of different environments, of 
which I'll admit that mine is a bit unique. And then tweaked for 


Jim Coefield,

>Subject: Re: Retro Mac And VXA Drive
>From: "Irena Solomon" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>Date: Wed, 25 Oct 2000 10:54:38 -0700
>Hi Jim,
>I put these notes in to remind folks that an error 206 with a VXA drive can
>be caused by factors other than the issue reported on MacIntouch. Ruling out
>these other factors in your situation pinpoints the problem, thus contacting
>Ecrix makes sense. I just don't want users to be waiting for information
>from Ecrix if the problem they are experiencing is not specific to the Ecrix

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