Here's how Retrospect for Macintosh works with Windows NT and 2000 clients.
Retrospect for Macintosh:

  o  backs up and restores BOTH Windows NT and 2000 registries
     using Dantz's Registry Backup Manager;

  o  does NOT back up NTFS security permissions;

  o  does NOT back up Macintosh files on NT/2000 Servers running
     Services for Macintosh;

  o  does NOT back up Windows 2000 Server-specific System State
     information such as Active Directory and Com+. (Retrospect
     for Macintosh will copy the state information if you use
     Microsoft's built-in backup tool to save a local copy.)

  o  does back up Windows 2000 Professional (other than NTFS
     security data).

Again, if you are running Windows Servers, we recommend you use Retrospect
for Windows.

Retrospect for Windows:

  o  backs up and restores all Windows registry data
     (95/98/Me/NT/2000) directly;

  o  backs up NTFS security permissions and Macintosh files on
     NT/2000 Servers running Services for Macintosh;

  o  backs up all Windows 2000-specific System State information
     directly (requires Retrospect Workgroup or Server).

Some observations:

Before releasing Retrospect for Windows, we made extraordinary efforts to
ensure that backup of a Macintosh to a Windows computer running Retrospect
is as good as it has been to a Macintosh. We wanted to ensure that the Mac
didn't take a back seat to any other platform.

We are now working to ensure Windows clients are treated equally by Mac and
Windows versions of Retrospect, but we are also working hard on Mac OS X
support and other Mac advancements.

It's natural for the Macintosh and Windows products to leapfrog each other.
I'm sure we're going to get some complaints from our Retrospect for Windows
customers that our Mac OS X support lags behind our Retrospect for Mac OS X

Best regards,
Eric Ullman
Dantz Development

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