Okay, because I am so willing to jump up and down and scream when I think
the situation requires it, I have the obligation to compliment when

I received some emails from Eric Ullman at Dantz, and after a phone call,
now feel that Dantz did make an honest mistake in the way they let us know
about the Windows 2000 registry issues. It wasn't being dumb, or anything
else. Unfortunately, because of the high level of reliance we have on our
backup system, even small goofs tend to not really be small.

However, it is also rare, especially if you deal with companies like
Microsoft, to hear a company rep apologize, not because hordes of users
busted them, but because a handful, or even one particularly loudmouthed one
was upset over that goof. Companies sometimes forget that the most important
words in customer relations are sometimes "I'm Sorry". Luckily Dantz has
not, and although there are other companies that realize this, they are too
few and far between.

Whatever nervousness I had about Retrospect a day ago has been answered in a
forthright and honest fashion. As a network admin, I really appreciate that.
It means a lot, both professionally and personally.

Again, a sincere thank you to Dantz for the calmness and honesty they've
shown in handling this.

john c welch

Mac/PC Administrator
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MacWeek.com Columnist
MacFixIt.com Editor
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- General Anthony McAuliffe, surrounded in Bastogne

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