>can you help resolve a retrospect crash: Retrospect is version 4.3b1 on a
>Mac G4 running OS9.  Client is Win98 with Retrospect client v5.1, I am
>running a backup server script.
>The error is:
>  System clock seems to have changed, expected dd/mm/2000, hh:mm:ss
>       dates times and statistics may be inaccurate.
>      Internal consistency check failed:
>      assertion check at "elem.c-811"
>Backup server stops with general error.  This is now happening on TWO of my
>Win98 clients - I have to forget them in order to run my server.
>Thanks in anticipation

Internal consisyency checks are bad news. Assume you have corrupted preferences and 
follow the procedure in the manual for recovering from this problem.

When it's running again OK (omit the PC clients at first) make a backup of your prefs 
and scripts, etc in case the problem re-occurs. Then uninstall & reinstall the PC 
clients, relog then in and test again.

Is the date warning a result of an automatic change in the clock due to the clocks 
going back?


PS what's the weather like in Bangor?

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