Perhaps this idea will help, its implementation requires only that you can
use command-line arguments to halt and restart the server:

You have a special script that just backs up the database files that can't
be backed up while the server is running. You create a RetroEventhandler.bat
halts the server when the special script starts, and restarts the server
when the special script finishes. Meanwhile, you have another script that
backs up everything except the database files, it runs at any time and
doesn't shut down the server.

In your case, hopefully the time required to back up a single database
wouldn't require too much downtime.

Dantz is using this strategy successfully in-house with an NT 4.0 Server and
a MySQL database. We're not even shutting down the server, since MySQL has a
convenient tool that allows a single command to dump the database to a file
without halting the database service. Our RetroEventhandler.bat script
simply runs the dump command before backup, the backup script has a custom
selector that backs up everything (including the dump) except for the live
database files.

See the Retrospect 5.1 User's Guide Addendum for a complete discussion of
Retrospect scripting events.

Best Regards,

Paul Mackinney
Dantz Development Corporation

> Of Kraut, David
> Sent: Tuesday, October 31, 2000 3:02 PM
> To: 'retro-talk'
> Subject: RE: How can I stop an NT service before backup?
> Thanks Ben but like I mentioned, my backups sometimes start at 7:00PM and
> are still running the next morning when I come in!  I am backing up 10+
> servers to a tape library and I can't leave the service down for that long
> of a time ....

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