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>(BTW -- if it were me with three computers, I would probably put a tape
>drive on one of the computers and have the reports sent to me via email so I
>could monitor the status of the backups. I just do this with one computer --
>mine -- with a subset of the data.)

     Heh heh-try walking one of MY end users through dealing with tapes 
and such... It gives me a raging headache just thinking about it... ;-) 

     Since they're about 400 miles away, having full remote access 
through VPN is *much* nicer(got TB2 on 'em as well, which rocks). As I 
said, by backing up *only* documents, we keep the bandwidth within an 
acceptable level for nighttime use. As for the OS, if the unit completely 
dies we'll just fedex a clean one to 'em-after restoring their files from 
the local backup set... As a result, I too never do a full backup over 
the DSL-which I concede would be akin to madness...

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