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>How feasible is it to backup a remote office over a DSL line?  A client has
>a backup server at their main office and a remote site with 3 Macs.  Each
>office has DSL.  Assuming we can get through the firewalls, and get static
>IPs at the remote site, is it just a matter of entering the remote IPs in
>the Client configuration window?  Has anyone tried this?

We've got a remote side w/3 NT machines on a PacBell Enhanced DSL. We've 
also got a VPN setup between them, so of the 5 static IPs that PacBell 
gives us we only use one for the firewall. All network traffic goes over 
the VPN, and through the firewall to the NAT'd addresses on the other 
side. We have Retrospect setup for Documents only, and it works quite 
nicely. Our home office is on T1 but that doesn't make a difference, the 
upbound DSL is 128, that's our limitation. 

Retro config is, as you mention, a simple matter of entering the IPs, 
done deal. System's been working fine for several months now. While there 
isn't much bandwidth, backing up only documents, and having only 3 
clients, results in acceptable speed.

Of course, if your remote office is creating multi-meg photoshop files, 
all bets are off...


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