Just FYI.

Just a couple notes for the list (and Dantz).

1. Attaching a Compaq DLT tape library to a Compaq ProLiant 6500 server's
built-in SCSI adapter doesn't work with BackupExec. I haven't tried it with
Retrospect, but would expect similar results. BackupExec couldn't talk
reliably talk to the library.

2. Attaching a Compaq AIT tape library (SSL-2020) to the built-in SCSI
adapter of a Compaq DL380 server doesn't work, either. Retrospect cannot
talk reliably to the library. It almost works. Backups may occur, but the
Devices window simply behaves oddly, and Retrospect has trouble erasing
tapes, or find tapes to erase or use.

Solutions in both cases was to install an Adaptec 2940UW SCSI adapter and
connect the library to the Adaptec.

Dantz may wish to stick this information in some tech DB or something.

I'd probably recommend that admins with Compaq servers be wary of the
built-in SCSI adapters of Compaq servers, or at least test them thoroughly
before relying on them...


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