Hi Dan,

I don't know what you have tried already, but if you are repeatedly getting
catalog out of sync errors, that may be a sign of SCSI problems, corruption
on the volume on which the catalog is stored, or, as you alluded to, crashes
during the backup. If you haven't already, take a look at Tech Note 406 on
our website. This discusses missing EOD (end of data) markers, which can
have an effect on the catalog as well:


Typically, you'll get an out of sync catalog if the backup crashes before
the catalog is updated to reflect the data that was copied in that session.

To address it, start by rebuilding the catalog from scratch to a different
location on your hard drive. It may be helpful to break the backup down into
smaller volumes, as Retrospect updates the catalog after completing each
volume; therefore if you have to update, it will be easier. Continue your
backups (you may want to add a script to duplicate the catalog file after
the backup operation completes so you have working copies of the catalog
that you can revert to if this one has problems). If the problems seems to
persist, even in sessions during which the server doesn't crash, you may
need to investigate the possibility that SCSI problems are causing
corruption in the copied data.

For continuing problems, please give us a call so we can get specifics on
your configuration.


Irena Solomon
Dantz Technical Support
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> Subject: Daily Problems with out of Sync Error messages...
> Howdy, 
> We have been dealing with an anooying problem where our backup is going out
> of sync every day.
> We have looked at the Service and Support pages and found several references
> to the issue, and followed the instructions found within to no avail.
> This has been working fine up to now. Nothing has changed in the last year
> at least.
> Hardware involved is a Hammer DLT 100G Autoloader, a Mac 7500/100 running
> MacOS 8.6. Unsing the built in SCSI and an Asante 100Mbit Etherenet card. We
> get no error messages during or after the archive set runs. Our servers
> crash multiple times per day, but not for the duration of this latest backup
> set. We have Verify on to make sure the EOD is set.
> Please help as this is MOST frustrating!
> Thanks in Advance.
> Dan.

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