Hi All,

I recently inherited a Windows NT network running Retrospect Server v 5.0.
This is my first experience with Retrospect, so I was hoping to get someone
to point me in the right direction with 2 problems I'm having.

One Windows NT client gives me an error when I try to access it from the
server. When I hit the "refresh" button, I get an error that say's "Client
speed test failed, error 5 (unknown)".  When I hit the "volumes" button, I
get an error that say's "Can't track volumes (error 5)". I looked at all the
documentation that I could find, and there doesn't appear to be an "error
5", so I guess it's truly unknown.  ;-)  I found error codes that start with
a 5 (i.e. 527, 525). I have uninstalled, and then reinstalled the client
software. Told the server to forget the client and then re added it. I'm
kind of at a loss. Everything else on the machine seems to work fine.

Another Windows NT client, which is a new machine that I recently set up on
the network and installed Retrospect on, is also giving me fits. When I go
to the volumes on the server, it tells me the "User Rosado has two disks
named drive C that are indistinguishable from each other. One of these disks
should be renamed so that this program (and people) are not confused."
Obviously I don't have two disks named drive C, I see no mention of this or
anything like it in the documentation. Where does Retrospect get this info

Would any of you kind folks care to give me a nudge in the right direction,
or point me to some more detailed documentation. The doc's I'm finding don't
really seem to cover much. Thanks.

Rick Collins
RCNetwork Management

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