Hi Rick,

These problems may stem from troubles identifying unique volumes on the
client. On the first NT client, ensure that all volumes have unique volume
labels. If so it's possible that duplicate serial numbers are preventing
Retrospect from seeing the volumes correctly. There's a third party utility
called VolumeId that you can use to change your volume IDs. Our website has
a link that you may follow to download the free utility:


This utility will also address the problems you are seeing on the other
client. Because of the duplicate serial numbers, Retrospect is seeing
duplicate volumes on the client.

If you have any other questions, or if you find that there are other
problems with your client volumes please give us a call and we can look into
it a bit more.


Irena Solomon
Dantz Technical Support
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> I recently inherited a Windows NT network running Retrospect Server v 5.0.
> This is my first experience with Retrospect, so I was hoping to get someone
> to point me in the right direction with 2 problems I'm having.
> One Windows NT client gives me an error when I try to access it from the
> server. When I hit the "refresh" button, I get an error that say's "Client
> speed test failed, error 5 (unknown)".  When I hit the "volumes" button, I
> get an error that say's "Can't track volumes (error 5)". I looked at all the
> documentation that I could find, and there doesn't appear to be an "error
> 5", so I guess it's truly unknown.  ;-)  I found error codes that start with
> a 5 (i.e. 527, 525). I have uninstalled, and then reinstalled the client
> software. Told the server to forget the client and then re added it. I'm
> kind of at a loss. Everything else on the machine seems to work fine.
> Another Windows NT client, which is a new machine that I recently set up on
> the network and installed Retrospect on, is also giving me fits. When I go
> to the volumes on the server, it tells me the "User Rosado has two disks
> named drive C that are indistinguishable from each other. One of these disks
> should be renamed so that this program (and people) are not confused."
> Obviously I don't have two disks named drive C, I see no mention of this or
> anything like it in the documentation. Where does Retrospect get this info
> from?
> Would any of you kind folks care to give me a nudge in the right direction,
> or point me to some more detailed documentation. The doc's I'm finding don't
> really seem to cover much. Thanks.
> Rick Collins

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