Hi all,

We have quite a few clients to back up in a window of about 14 hours every night. Currently I am running a single script, that picks up every client during the night, for the duration of one month. Evidently, the catalog is getting quite big and towards the end of the month, the process of matching is quite slow, thus from the 20th of each month, not all clients are reached.
I was wondering if splitting the backup in 3 scripts - let's say for client A-H, I-R, S-T, and schedule those accordingly throughout the night would be a viable solution. Of course, this 3 sets would have to be backed up to he same tape. Is this possible?

I am open to any suggestions, since this is becoming quite a pain. New hardware is out of the question for now, and I would like to not have to start new sets every 2 weeks or so, since it involves me coming in on the weekend....

Thanks, Ben
Ben Mihailescu
System Administrator
Electrical and Computer Engineering
McGill University, Montreal, Canada

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