Hi Malcolm,

I'm afraid there isn't a much cleaner way to do the type of rotation that
you're after. Retrospect's rotation logic works on regular intervals, and as
you've seen it's basically trying to do two backups on the last Saturday in
months when the 4th Saturday and the last Saturday are the same. Your
backups to the 4th tape are completing successfully, although the "failure"
reported in the log (referring to the 5th tape) might be confusing if the
tape changer isn't expecting it.


Irena Solomon
Dantz Technical Support

> I have a backup process running where an off-site tape is used every
> Saturday night.  To make things easy for the "tape changer" there are 5
> tapes in the set ... one for each possible Saturday in a month.
> The problem is that Retrospect doesn't seem to support "the 5th" ... I have
> to use "last" Saturday for months with 5 Saturdays, hence since November has
> only 4 Saturdays Retrospect did its thing with Tape 4, then immediately
> failed (i.e timed out waiting for media) when it went looking for Tape 5.
> This is not really a big deal, but it did confuse the "tape changer" as she
> though she'd inserted the wrong tape on Friday night.
> Is there a better way.
> Cheers,  Malcolm

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