I realize that my last post is a little unclear (thanks, Mark!). The
document on the website is not specific to Retrospect Express and in part
references changes that apply to the Desktop and Workgroup editions only.
For instance, Retrospect Express does not support backup to tape, although
this note implies that support for tape and tape libraries has been added
with 4.3.

While we don't have a document specific to Retrospect Express 4.3, the press
release is clearer in distinguishing Retrospect Express features from
Desktop or Workgroup features.

Hope that helps clarify.



> The best resource for you is a Tech Note on our website that details the
> differences between 4.1 and 4.3. The major changes we've made in Express 4.3
> include a bootable CD for disaster recovery, increased device support,
> support for backing up to external hard drives and online HTML help.
> Check out the note at:
> http://www.dantz.com/index.php3?SCREEN=technotes
> It's the top note in the Mac section.
>> I'm running Retro. Express 4.1with Mac OS 8.6 and I'm happy with it.
>> What new features and advantages would V4.3 give me?

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