Title: RE: BSOD with Retrospect 5.1 Server

I also have a 1600R with RAID 5 and Retrospect 5.15. It also crashes everytime it does a device scan in ineteractive mode. It doesn't crash when  it autolaunches (well, usually - I have found some unexpected restarts the next morning, but can't be certain of the cause). The server is running WinNT, SP5.

It runs NT Backup perfectly (though with some open files)

The Compaq tech has replaced the internal DAT drive and is considering replacing the RAID controller, SCSI card etc.

Any ideas would be gratefully accepted.


    From:   Ben Eastwood
    Reply To:       retro-talk
    Sent:   Tuesday, 5 December 2000 3:52 AM
    Subject:        BSOD with Retrospect 5.1 Server

    I get a reproducable blue screen on a compaq 1600 R with two smart array
    controllers (221 and 3200) both controlling RAID 5 arrays. The crash
    happens everytime I  do the device scan. I think it's related to the RAID
    controllers, but I'm not sure. Has anyone seen this behavior before?
    Machine is running NT 4.0 SP 6a, and we have St Bernard's Open File Manager
    on it as well.



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