We had a number of customers report problems with configurations that
include Intergraph computers. On such configurations, scanning the SCSI bus
from within Retrospect or with other utilities results in a blue screen,
requiring a reboot of the computer. By conducting tests in association with
Intergraph, we have identified possible sources of this problem. I've
included the notify letter that we sent out recently here. If you have
questions about your particular configuration, of course, feel free to get
in touch with Technical Support.
1) Intergraph computers configured to be RAID servers may experience a blue
screen when the SCSI bus is scanned due to a hardware fault on the
motherboards of some Intergraph computers. Please contact Intergraph for
assistance with this problem.

2) Intergraph computers that use Mylex SCSI controllers may experience a
blue screen when accessing the SCSI bus due to a software problem with the
Mylex drivers prior to version 3.01. Affected customers should contact
Intergraph and inquire if Mylex's 3.01 drivers are compatible with their
Intergraph computer.

3) Intergraph computers without RAID or Mylex controllers can still
experience the blue screen. Installing the latest version of ASPI has been
found to solve this problem.

If you have any questions regarding Mylex or Intergraph products, please
contact the manufacturer directly:

Intergraph may be reached at (800) 633-7248, or accessed online at:


Mylex may be reached at (510) 608-2400, or accessed online at:



Irena Solomon
Dantz Technical Support

I also have a 1600R with RAID 5 and Retrospect 5.15. It also crashes
everytime it does a device scan in ineteractive mode. It doesn't crash when
it autolaunches (well, usually - I have found some unexpected restarts the
next morning, but can't be certain of the cause). The server is running
WinNT, SP5. 

It runs NT Backup perfectly (though with some open files)

The Compaq tech has replaced the internal DAT drive and is considering
replacing the RAID controller, SCSI card etc.

Any ideas would be gratefully accepted.


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