I have questions for y'all:

When running a backup operation of a LOCAL disk (RAID 5 Array, actually)to
a DLT7000 drive, I noticed that the Performance reported varied widely,
from a high of 450MB/min to a low of 13 MB/min, and the "Time Remaining"
would jump around pretty much based on this. Is that normal? The folder I
backed up had over 36 GB in it, mostly little files. In fact there were
over 300,000 files in about 10,000 folders, if that matters. Also the
"Scanning" before the backup took a long time.

The actual backup took about 6 hours, and then it went into "Updating
catalog" for about 45 minutes and then on to "building snapshot," where it
is now. During these last two sections, it has said "time remaining
00:00:00," but it's not really done... and the progress bar is only about
halfway across. Is that any real indication of how much time I have left?

comments appreciated


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