I have found that Retrospect spends most of its time in my nightly
backups processing files and catalogs, not actually backing up data.
I have 15 clients which are backed up by Retrospect from a machine
with 4 OnStream ADR 50  drives.  The full backups on the weekend take
about 26 hours (~120GB).  Nightly backups take almost 12 hours
(usually less than 5GB).

Be careful about the half-million file limit.  If you get around
500,000 files, Retrospect has a problem with memory and dies.  Dantz
knows about the issue and is working on ways to eliminate the memory
problem (at least that's what I was told several months ago).

Anyway, the bottom line is that what you are experiencing has been my
experience as well (long periods "building" catalogs and things).

It sure would be nice if my backup time could shrink and allow the
file copying to take place at full speed, but perhaps have the catalog
processing, etc. take place separately (perhaps on the client using
its CPU! - my backups happen after hours).


   Douglas B. McKay
   Data Mgt Group

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More on this:
Retrospect is still "building snapshot" and appears to be hogging
95-99% CPU, but not stuck, really because it varies... I also notice
taskman reports memory usage of 86716K, which seems like a lot on a
with 196 MB of RAM where the System takes up only 6364K... Any hints?


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I have questions for y'all:

When running a backup operation of a LOCAL disk (RAID 5 Array,
a DLT7000 drive, I noticed that the Performance reported varied
from a high of 450MB/min to a low of 13 MB/min, and the "Time
would jump around pretty much based on this. Is that normal? The
folder I
backed up had over 36 GB in it, mostly little files. In fact there
over 300,000 files in about 10,000 folders, if that matters. Also the
"Scanning" before the backup took a long time.

The actual backup took about 6 hours, and then it went into "Updating
catalog" for about 45 minutes and then on to "building snapshot,"
where it
is now. During these last two sections, it has said "time remaining
00:00:00," but it's not really done... and the progress bar is only
halfway across. Is that any real indication of how much time I have

comments appreciated


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