Hi all,

If I have a script that is suppose to finish at 9:00 am, but it didn't
have a chance to go around all the clients yet, can I ask it (
interactively or through script ) to continue until it picked up all the
clients, or to go let's say another 1.5 hours?

Here are my specs:

Here is my hardware: PIII 733, 512MB RAM, 2 x 30GB HDD, Quantum DLT 4000
Tape Drive. (2nd Quantum DLT 7000 to come sooooooon)

I use Retorspect 5.15 Backup Server with Retro 5.15 Win Clients and 4.2a

Mac clients.

Ben Mihailescu
System Administrator
Electrical and Computer Engineering
McGill University, Montreal, Canada

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