>I have a client who is running Retrospect 4.1i and they recently installed a
>new firewire drive that they partitioned into about 6 separate partitions to
>organize their data.  The strange thing is, that when you open up Retrospect
>and go to Configure/Devices, all of those partitions are listed along with
>the single backup drive.  I have never seen a hard drive show up in the
>Configure/Devices tab before.  What is even scarier is that if you
>accidentally select erase from the menu, it does erase the partition! (Which
>actually happened to them by the way!).  Is this something that is
>indicative to firewire drives?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

This is do-able with any drive. I used to use Hammer Tools to format drives and it 
would do this - erroneously set the drive as if it was a renoveable disc.

This makes it a "target" drive in Retrospect, and you can imagine the consequences on 
a fileserver that also ran Retrospect.

I'd stick to Drive Setup or make sure the volumes are not flagged as "removeable 


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