Hello, I am setting up scripts for a daily back-up.  I wanted to get suggestions
(or reinforcement) on the appropriate procedure for doing a daily back-up that
rotates between two removable drives every other week.
    I am backing up to a macintosh file.  I have two 60gig USB drives.  I want
to backup to one for a week then take it to a safety deposit box. I want to use
the other one to do the next weeks back-up.

    q: With just getting started in the world of retrospect my thinking is that I will:

1. do the back-up on the first one.
2. Copy those files to the other drive.
3. Mount the second drive and name it the same as the first.
4. start back-up on the second.

Does this sound appropriate.  The whole "taking the drive to the safety deposit
box" thing I think is a little overkill but this is what was decided by the "higher
ups"  :-)

Thanks in advance

-- Donovan D. Brooke
Systems Administrator/
Assc. Art Director
Epsen Hillmer Graphics

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