I'm working with a PC running the latest version of Retrospect. Unlike the
Mac version, whenever the VXA fills up a tape, Retrospect always asks me
whether I want to proceed with using the next tape in the series.

The next tape is already written with the correct name. On the Mac version,
if I run a recycle backup, then Retrospect goes right ahead and uses tape 1,
tape 2 or tape 3 in the set without pause as long as the tape has previously
been written to the current storage set, or is erased.

On the PC, it always asks me whether I want to proceed, and then if the tape
should be erased, even though it is the correct one in the series. I've
checked the prefs but can't see why Retrospect persists in asking whether
the tape should be used.

TIA for any help given.

Just my two cents worth...
your mileage may vary.

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