Hi all,

Yesterday, Apple released the AppleShare IP 9.0.4 Update 1.0, which, as the
name implies, improves compatibility with AppleShare IP 6.3.1 and Macintosh
Manager 1.3 running on Mac OS 9.0.4.

Apple offers several recommendations for achieving the best reliability and
performance possible with this configuration, specifically:

* AppleShare IP Server hard disks can become extremely fragmented when using
Macintosh Manager due to the large number of client files, particularly on
the servers that store user documents. This will decrease server
performance. If you have DiskWarrior or Norton Speed Disk, it is a good idea
to defragment your disk to improve performance. Defragmenting a large, full
disk drive may take up to several hours.

* If you are using an AppleShare IP Server with heavy load, or running it in
conjunction with Macintosh Manager, check your server configuration for the

  - Remove OT AutoPush Support from the Extensions folder.
  - Remove Epson Launcher from the Extensions folder.
  - On the server computer, turn off Remember recently used items
    in the Apple Menu Options control panel.
  - In Sherlock, select Index Volumes from the Find menu and select
    the Schedule button. Disable indexing for all days.
  - Turn off virtual memory in the Memory control panel.

* There is a known issue between some third party networking software and
AppleShare IP servers running the Open Transport SNMP extensions. If the
AppleShare IP Server stops responding at regular intervals, usually at
night, Apple recommends that the SNMP extensions be removed or disabled.

For those of you having trouble with Retrospect an AppleShare IP
cohabitating peacefully, we'd be interested to learn if following the above
guidelines reduces or eliminates your troubles.

The update may be downloaded from the apple website:


Thanks and happy holidays!

Eric Ullman
Dantz Development

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