To use the client address, you need to have a higher license than Workgroup.  I've tried that on a trial license issued by tech support and it still didn't work.  Thanks, though.
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I had a problem like this and found that you could not use the client NAME when setting up a client with dual NIC's.  Instead, setup the client using the IP Address of your main NIC.






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Hi All,


I've got a rather complicated problem with a Win2k system with two ethernet cards.  Here're the details:


1.    Retrospect Workgroup 5.15 is installed on WinNT Server 4.0 w/sp6a.

2.    The Win2k client is running Retrospect client 5.15.

3.    The Win2k client has two Ethernet cards.

4.    The client service is set to run on the administrator account as a service.

5.    The Bindlistener registry setting is set for the card on our private network.  The other card was for the internet.

6.    I have Wingate installed on the Win2k client for internet connection sharing.  This is important because I had reason to believe that this program was interfering with the operation of the Retrospect client.


Now, with one Ethernet card, this Retrospect client worked fine.  After I installed the second client, I couldn't "see" it from the Backup Server.  I learned from the Retrospect website that Retrospect uses TCP/UDP ports 497 to communicate with clients on the network.  I ran a port scanner to see what was happening.  The connection was refused.  >From the client, I opened a command prompt and typed "netstat -a" to get a list of all listening ports.  Port 497 was not listed.


To be sure that Wingate was not a problem, I removed it and ran my tests again.  No luck.


When I remove the second card, I was able to "see" the client from the Server again.  Netstat reported that port 497 was listening again.  So what was turning the port off?  Everything else seemed to work fine, as I could browse the network with no problem.


Has anyone else had this problem?

Scott Dunn
Systems Engineer
South Shore Building Services


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