Hi Joe,

It's unlikely that we will qualify and write drivers for each possible CD-RW
drive and external FireWire/USB bridged enclosure. There are just too many
variables, and if we find problems with a drive's or bridge's firmware, it's
unlikely that we be able to convince the device's manufacturer to fix the
problem--with a likely response that their device works perfectly well
without the other.

We encourage Retrospect users to purchase already-supported devices. Such
devices are rigorously tested and will provide reliable restores.


Best regards,

Eric Ullman
Dantz Development

Joe Pokupec <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Sam's and Costco are carrying CD RW. I bought the HP 9500 to use with my
> Pyro FireWire external case and this works find with Toast, however,
> Retrospect will not recognize it. I know it is only supported on the Windows
> version.
> I'm thinking of getting the Ricoh MP 7083 if Retrospect supports this but
> couldn't find any reference on the Dantz site.
> Has anyone experimented with Retrospect and the Pyro FireWire case?

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