Thanks for the reply Eric. I absolutely agree and understand why I should
select one of the tried and true CD-R's. I've just become such a fan of the
Pyro 1394 external kit, I was hoping to find as many ways of implementing

I did have an opportunity to try a friend's BOA FireWire CR-RW using
Retrospect (it is on your supported list) and found that it wrote at 1X
speed!! The drive itself supports 8X and worked fine using Toast, burning
650 meg at under 8 minutes... Unfortunately, Retrospect took almost an hour
to back up one single 650 mg CD... Is this simply how Retrospect handle
FireWire? Are there any any supported units that will actually burn at the
highest rate (8X or 12X)?



> It's unlikely that we will qualify and write drivers for each possible CD-RW
> drive and external FireWire/USB bridged enclosure. There are just too many
> variables, and if we find problems with a drive's or bridge's firmware, it's
> unlikely that we be able to convince the device's manufacturer to fix the
> problem--with a likely response that their device works perfectly well
> without the other.
> We encourage Retrospect users to purchase already-supported devices. Such
> devices are rigorously tested and will provide reliable restores.
> Best regards,
> Eric Ullman
> Dantz Development

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