Here's a message I posted on 11/9/00...
Upon re-reading what I wrote, I'd like to amend #2 by stating that the
server in question was a DL580, not a DL380. 
Anyway, try a different SCSI adapter, rather than using Compaq's built-in
SCSI adapter.
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Just FYI.

Just a couple notes for the list (and Dantz).

1. Attaching a Compaq DLT tape library to a Compaq ProLiant 6500 server's

built-in SCSI adapter doesn't work with BackupExec. I haven't tried it with

Retrospect, but would expect similar results. BackupExec couldn't talk

reliably talk to the library.

2. Attaching a Compaq AIT tape library (SSL-2020) to the built-in SCSI

adapter of a Compaq DL380 server doesn't work, either. Retrospect cannot

talk reliably to the library. It almost works. Backups may occur, but the

Devices window simply behaves oddly, and Retrospect has trouble erasing

tapes, or find tapes to erase or use.

Solutions in both cases was to install an Adaptec 2940UW SCSI adapter and

connect the library to the Adaptec.

Dantz may wish to stick this information in some tech DB or something.

I'd probably recommend that admins with Compaq servers be wary of the

built-in SCSI adapters of Compaq servers, or at least test them thoroughly

before relying on them...

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Subject: Catalog 0ut of sync on NT server

I have a Compaq DL380 server with a separate disk array attached via two
(long) SCSI3 cables. 1GB RAM & plenty of HD space.

Server has 35/70 DLT drive internal 

scripted backup of two volumes (C & D drives). 
scans C drive, backs it up ( 200MB/min typical), verifies backup, commences
backup of D, stops before writing anything to tape and complains 'catalog
out of sync with backup set'.

Reports watcher says its an error -106 'data overwrite attempt', but the
Dantz site doesn't list  error -106. 
all attempts at recatalog fail - no errors reported - it just sits at 0K
found - as if it cannot see anything on the tape.

DLT drive has been replaced, without any change in the symptoms. 

further symptoms: 
1. when tape is ejected and re-inserted (Retrospect still running) it does
not see the tape in 'configure/devices', even after refreshing the scan (the
drive is visible, though). Quiting Retrospect and relaunching it results in
tape becoming visible. 

2. rescripted the backup to do the 'my computer' container, without compare,
and ran it. it resolved the container into two volumes, and backed up ~100MB
before Blue Screen. Event log complained of 'dirty heads' (though the 'clean
heads'  light on the drive was not lit). Cleaned the heads & tried again.
Successful backup.

Then tried a normal backup with compare. It did the C drive (& verified),
but complained 'catalog out of sync' when it tried to write D drive data to
tape. Recatalog fails - as it sits 'building catalog' 'Completed 0 files
zero KB' until I stop it

ASPI is installed. 
I suspect hardware issues but NT backup works(!) 
Any ideas on what to try next would be very much appreciated. 


Rob Davies 
(Technical Services Group - Server Support Operations) 
desk phone # 61+ (2) 9342 7997; fax # 61+ (2) 9342 7566 
available between 7:30am & 4pm weekdays 

Server belongs to Cable & Wireless Optus 


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