Ecrix have just announced a VXA drive with integrated firewire, 
bundled with Retrospect.

I made enquiries about buying it with a local dealer, and have been 
offered the previous scsi-to-firewire VXA drive at a reduced price. 
This raises some interesting questions, the main one of which is 
probably impossible to answer at the moment!

1) Will I eventually be able to back up my Mac on MacOS X using 
Retrospect on either or both of the old/new firewire vxa drives?

2) Is the new drive now a native firewire implementation, or is it 
just the old drive with the adaptor inside the box instead of outside 
the box?

3) Does the old drive appear as a firewire device to Retrospect, or 
does a software shim make it appear as a SCSI device? (If it appears 
as a piece of firewire hardware, it seems more likely it will be 
supported on MacOS X.)

The last question might be the only one that can be answered for sure!
John Gee                        [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Dunedin, New Zealand            Programmers live in interesting times...

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