Hi John,

> 1) Will I eventually be able to back up my Mac on MacOS X using
> Retrospect on either or both of the old/new firewire vxa drives?

We are fully committed to the best possible Mac OS X device support
regardless of interface (SCSI, FireWire, USB). Right now we are developing
device support for Mac OS X and it is a top priority to us that our device
support list includes all currently shipping drives that we have qualified.

> 2) Is the new drive now a native firewire implementation, or is it
> just the old drive with the adaptor inside the box instead of outside
> the box?

First, there are NO native FireWire storage devices on the market. All
current FireWire drives are using a bridge solution whether it is an ATAPI
or SCSI bridge. Apple understands the need to support the current bridged
USB and FireWire storage solutions for Mac OS X.

The new FireWire Ecrix drive has the bridge built inside the case. Ecrix can
offer the best information on hardware specifics.

> 3) Does the old drive appear as a firewire device to Retrospect, or
> does a software shim make it appear as a SCSI device? (If it appears
> as a piece of firewire hardware, it seems more likely it will be
> supported on MacOS X.)

All FireWire devices will appear with a SCSI ID number both in Retrospect
and other applications. What the ID is really referring to is the bus it is
on. For example: 0:1- 0-6: = SCSI, 1:0 - 1:6 = External SCSI, or SCSI card,
2:-x = USB, 3:-x= FireWire. Currently we use a shim, or bridge driver that
allows the device to show up in Retrospect.

If you have any questions, of course, feel free to contact us.


Irena Solomon
Dantz Technical Support
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