Okay, I'm going to admit my ignorance here.

We have a Mac-based server for Retrospect, and for the most part of 
Mac only clients. The few Windows NT clients we have are server, and 
are never shut off.

Well, we're now adding an NT machine that is not a server, and 
therefore it's usually turned off at night.

I need to know in what state the machine needs to be left in order to 
get it backed up. I have looked in the book, but I think this is 
something that's just intuitive to Windows folk, and not to me, who 
is used to Macs.

I feel silly asking this question, but I don't want to keep 
experimenting until I find out what works. :)

Thanks tons in advance!

[by the way, I'm only doing document/file backing up on this machine. 
No registry or program backing up.]
Julia Frizzell
"Insert pithy quote here."

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