I received some advice a while ago from Irene @ Dantz.  This is regarding
a scripting scheme I want to set up to alternate weekly or every two weeks
between 2 USB HD's.  With my knowledge in Retrospect being about as good
as my knowledge in how to say something to my girlfriend without upseting
her I am hoping to get some more details on this. :-)

She said:
Hi Donovan,

You'll want to create two new, uniquely named backup sets that are stored on
the second drive. If you are not formatting the drives as removable media
then the drive name is not relevant. Keep everything separate and distinct.

Modify your scripts to include rotating backups to these new file backup
sets. Creating another set directly from the source is better than copying
from one backup set to another backup set, which ends up being a copy of a

O.K., how is this done exactly?  "modifing your scripts to include rotating
backups to these new file backup sets"  Is this a new script in itself?

If the correct drive isn't connected at the time of backup, the backup will
fail with an error -43, file/folder not found. There is no media request as
there is with other types of media.

So Baskically Retrospect knows when to switch to the new backup set
files but it doesn't know to prompt you for it?  One just has to be aware
of when to prepare the appropriate drive?

Two things to remember:

1. Do not format the drives as removables.
2. There is no such thing as extreme paranoia in regards to backup data


Irena Solomon

-- Donovan D. Brooke
Systems Administrator/
Assc. Art Director
Epsen Hillmer Graphics

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