I backup my Mac to CD-r. Following all procedures for a secure 
back-up I don't store the burned CD:s at the same location as the 
computer I backup. However this showed to be a mistake during the 
christmas holiday when I had my first HD-crash;-) The problem was 
that I didn't have access to the place where I store the CD:s for 
about ten days so I had to wait a week before I could restore my 
computer. Very annoying.

To avoid stupid situations like this in the future, I would like to 
duplicate the cd:s before I take them 'off-site', so I can have one 
copy at my computer for quick and easy restoring and one copy at 
another place if that would be necessary. My question is now: how do 
I copy CD:s with Retro? I know I could run two scripts after each 
other but that would take much more time than simply copying a cd 
once a week or so. Furthermore, since Retro uses packet writing no 
normal cd-burning program I have tried seem able to copy the CD:s 
Retro creates. I have access to a Windows- and/or Linux-machine if 
their exists better programs for CD-burning on those platforms.

Any suggestions?


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