>I recently bought a FireREX firewire to SCSI converter in the hopes 
>of using my Exabyte 8700 LT (8mm) tape drive with out new iMac.
>I've tried just about everything I can to get this to work, but with no luck.
>Has anyone set up a similar system, or is this just not going to work?

Hi Jeff,

I don't have experience with the Exabyte. What I can tell you, though, is 
that if it is anything like the Ecrix external adapter (they now have 
their FW on the inside of the box so there's no need for the converter to 
hang around) there is a pinout on the inside of the case that needs to be 
jumpered in order to work with the adapter. To maintain UL certification, 
this is something that must be done by one of their in-house techs. You 
might give the exabyte folks a call and see if there's a way to jumper 
their boards. 

Hope this helps some,


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