Hello Jeff,

Your problem with the Firewire converter could be caused by a number of things. 
Hooking up a SCSI device to a Firewire converter and getting it to work properly is 
not as simple as it seems.

One possible cause for your problem is termination power. Most of the SCSI to Firewire 
converters available on the market do not supply SCSI termination power to the SCSI 
device (in your case, the tape drive). Termination power provides a minimal voltage so 
that SCSI devices can be detected and
utilized properly.  The SCSI controller card provides termination power by default.

If the SCSI device is not getting termination power, then you migght run into the 
situation which you described. You can reset many SCSI devices  to supply termination 
power by reconfiguring a jumper in the circuitry of the drive. This is what Pam 
referred to in her reply to your post. The VXA
drives with external Firewire converter were all configured for termination power so 
that they would work with the converter. As Pam also mentioned, something you should 
be aware of is that opening your drive to re-jumper it could void the UL certication 
and the manufacturer's warranty.

Other things you might also need to check to get your drive to work:
- Latest version of Apple FireWire system extensions. We recommend version 2.3.3 or 
higher for the VXA tape drive. Firewire 2.4 is available for download from  
- Mac OS 8.51 or higher.
- Dantz Retrospect version 4.3 or higher.
- Contact your converter's manufacturer for info on converter firmware updates which 
could correct the problem

Also, I'd like to let you know that VXA tape drive users are getting great results 
with the new VXA drives with integrated Firewire support. These do not require an 
external converter. They plug straight in to the FireWire port. If you're interested 
check them out at www.vxa.com.

Frank Saab

> Subject: Re: Firewire to SCSI converter.
> From: "Pam Lefkowitz" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Date: Fri, 19 Jan 2001 21:51:32 -0600
> >I recently bought a FireREX firewire to SCSI converter in the hopes
> >of using my Exabyte 8700 LT (8mm) tape drive with out new iMac.
> >
> >I've tried just about everything I can to get this to work, but with no luck.
> >
> >Has anyone set up a similar system, or is this just not going to work?
> Hi Jeff,
> I don't have experience with the Exabyte. What I can tell you, though, is
> that if it is anything like the Ecrix external adapter (they now have
> their FW on the inside of the box so there's no need for the converter to
> hang around) there is a pinout on the inside of the case that needs to be
> jumpered in order to work with the adapter. To maintain UL certification,
> this is something that must be done by one of their in-house techs. You
> might give the exabyte folks a call and see if there's a way to jumper
> their boards.
> Hope this helps some,
> Pam

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