Apologies if the following questions have been covered in depth in the
recent past and everyone's bored sick of them, but...

Have 2x G4s (OS9.0.4, ASIP 6.3.1) attached to a. old Micronet DD7000 (7x
18gb at RAID5) and b. United Digital SuperStar fibrechannel host (4x 50gb at
RAID5). Total capacity across the two servers is nominally 258gb, which is
NOT ENOUGH. Have today taken receipt of another SuperStar with 8x 72gb, plus
4x additional drives for the original SuperStar. Once the messy stuff is
done I end up with a DD7000 as a doorstop, 1x 300gb Superstar + hot spare,
and 1x 432gb Superstar + hot spare. Even with our archiving 'discipline'
this should be sufficient for a couple of years.

The problems are:


Backup is to a single drive Micronet DLT 20/40 on a dedicated 8600/250. I'm
happy with my rotation (three sets on the go, incremental backup, rotation
every three months) but have one reservation: the rotation itself. We
currently utilise c.200gb of space, so on the next rotation there will be
600gb of data to be written at c.35mbpm, or THREE HUNDRED HOURS of continual
backup (during which time our backup is, obviously, somewhat 'patchy'). One
improvement would be another dedicated Mac and DLT and assign one to each
server, but to my highly untrained eye the answer is the LTO/Ultrium format.

Dantz confirmed to me a couple of months ago that Retro 4.3 / ADK 1.8
supports the HP Ultrium 230 and IBM 3580 LTO Ultrium mechanisms, but neither
HP's nor IBM's websites says ANYTHING about MacOS compatibility. Dantz also
confirmed the HP SureStore Autoloader 1/9 to be supported; I didn't ask
about the IBM 3581 autoloader.

I assume that 'supported' means 'connects, is recognised, 'works', and if
applicable autochanges'. If so, that's fine: I don't want to be paged at 5am
if my cleaning tape needs changing. Does anyone have any real-life
experience of running Mac Retrospect 4.3 with an LTO/Ultrium mechanism? Any
advice gladly accepted.


Somewhat briefer: I want to get my new RAID in place, but don't want to
start a new backup to the DLT. Retro logs in as an admin and backs up
partitions rather than sharepoints (saves on sessions). If I give the new
RAID identical partition names and transfer all data 'to the same place',
bearing in mind the ASIP Mac will be absolutely unchanged, will I be able to
continue my incremental backup as normal or will the data be marked as
modified? Does anyone have advise on how to minimise the risk of

Many thanks in advance,



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