>4x additional drives for the original SuperStar. Once the messy stuff is
>done I end up with a DD7000 as a doorstop, 1x 300gb Superstar + hot spare,

If you want to get rid of your "doorstop", just let me know.  
I will gladly take it off your hands :)

>Somewhat briefer: I want to get my new RAID in place, but don't want to
>start a new backup to the DLT. Retro logs in as an admin and backs up
>partitions rather than sharepoints (saves on sessions). If I give the new
>RAID identical partition names and transfer all data 'to the same place',
>bearing in mind the ASIP Mac will be absolutely unchanged, will I be able to
>continue my incremental backup as normal or will the data be marked as
>modified? Does anyone have advise on how to minimise the risk of

I recently went from backing up my ASIP server directly 
(Retrospect running on the same machine as the server)
to running Retrospect on a seperate machine and backing up the server as a retrospect 

Although the snapshots changed (since the volumes locations are different), the
incremental backups continued without replicating data, so you should be fine.

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