One of our computers in the office was upgraded from Win95 to WinME.
Everything works fine (isn't that a miracle) but Retrospect.

The Setup: WinME, Retro Express 5.15, internal CD-RW (mitsumi 4802)

The problem is that when a Retro burned CD is left in the CD-RW, Retro will
'freeze' at launch and quitting. By 'freeze' I mean that the light on the
CD-RW just flashes (no pattern) and you can not click/select anything in
Retro, until... you eject the CD and then everything is OK. The same happens
on quitting (freezes until CD ejected).

The problem is that the user leaves the CD in the drive for night time
backups. And, they don't occur because of the 'freeze'.

I have tried disabling the 'notify on insert' in the hardware profile for
the drive. The ATAPI drivers are up to date. All CDs non-Retro burned CDs
work fine. And this problem was not experienced under Win95.

I called Dantz tech support and they have no ideas.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

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