As I type, I'm doing a restore of a folder that got nuked from the server due to human 
error.  My drive is a Sony DDS-3, the TSL-S9000L autoloader.  Retrospect 4.3 on a 
beige G3, Mac OS9.04, 224megs RAM.  My restore first required tape # 2 of the set, 
which I inserted in slot 8 of an otherwise empty magazine.  It read it fine, then 
asked for tape #10.  I happened to have tapes #6-12 in a separate magazine, so I next 
loaded that magazine, and choose the "scan tapes" option from the pop-up menu.  After 
it read the tape names I used the pop-up menu to direct it to tape #10.  

Next it needed tape #11, which is in the next slot.  But instead of offering me a 
pop-up menu to select the slot, I'm looking at an eject button where the pop-up with 
the slots and the names of their tapes should be.

So I eject the magazine (as it's my only option!), and reload it.  After identifying 
that 8 tapes are present, instead of giving me the pop-up menu with the "scan tapes" 
option, I'm told there's no media, and invited to eject just like before.

Exactly how I'm to eject media that isn't there, I don't really get.  I click eject, 
nothing happens.  Fortunately, the autoloader eject button works.  I eject the 
cartridge, reinsert, and let it begin the tape shuffle dance again.

Now it acknowledges there are 8 tapes present.  I choose slot #6 from the pop-up menu, 
and the restore continues.  After reading that tape, it asked for tape 12, and had the 
pop-up menu available this time.  I directed it to slot #7, and the restore completed.

Can anybody explain why I twice lost the pop-up to choose the slot?   

Steve Yuroff
Network and System Administrator
The Hiebing Group
Madison, WI.

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